What can these demo data be used for?

Several demo datasets are distributed with CogStat. These data can be used to check the abilities of CogStat.

Many of these datasets are supplementary materials of popular statistics textbooks. These datasets could be used to learn statistics from those textbooks, while using CogStat to get different insights into the data.

How to use the demo data?

Open these files from Data > Open demo data file..., then analyze the data in the usual way.

Note that:

  • Not all files can be opened. For example, some csv files include leading lines before the actual data, and this cannot be handled easily in an automatic data importing solution. Similarly, some xls files include not only the data, but some additional cells with calculations, and because of these cells, the automatic data import routines cannot open the file.
  • Not all files include measurement level information. The files are the original files of those textbooks or software packages, and many of them do not include the measurement level information.

List of available datasets

More data

See our data analysis and statistics resources.