When relevant, CogStat displays the results in APA style.

Delete output

Results > Clear results deletes the content of the output.

Find text

Results > Find text finds the next or previous occurrences of the text relative to the current cursor position.

Change text size

Results > Increase text size and Results > Decrease text size will modify the text size.

Alternatively, hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel to change the text size of the output.

Note that the size of the plots will not be changed.

Edit text

Enable Results > Text is editable, and modify the text to add comments to the results.

Save output

The output can be saved as html files. (New in v2.4) Results are saved in html format; previous versions saved the results in pdf format.

Results > Save results or Results > Save results as saves the current content of the output. It overwrites the file with the same name.