Find it in the CogStat > Preferences... menu.

After choosing the required settings, press OK. For changing the language, restart CogStat after pressing OK.


Set the language of CogStat.

In some languages, some texts may be shown in English, when the given text has not been translated yet. (See the percentage next to the language in the to be released version of CogStat.)

If you want to use a language that not available yet, or if you want to improve the current version of your chosen language, join us to translate CogStat.

Chart theme

(From version 2.4, CogStat doesn’t have to be restarted to apply the new theme.)

Set the look of the charts.

Image format

(New in v2.4)

Choose an image format (png or svg) to be used for charts.

Detailed error message

(New in v2.4)

A detailed error message can be turned on or off, which is displayed when CogStat cannot perform a task.

For error reporting, with the detailed error messages you can send more detailed information to the developers when CogStat does not work the way it is supposed to be.