New in v2.4

CogStat supports several reliability analyses.

  • If you measured the same property twice and want to find the test-retest reliability, then simply use the Explore relation of variable pair analysis.
  • If you have several items that constitute an index by summarizing the item scores, and you want to investigate the internal consistency of the measurement, then use the Internal consistency reliability analysis.
  • If the data of the participants are evaluated by different raters, and you want to check the reliability of the rating process, then use the Interrater reliability analysis.

More information:

  • See a presentation and a poster of Tamás Szűcs (creator of the first version of internal consistency and interrater analyses in CogStat) about some design principles on how the analyses are compiled.
  • See some of the possible future extensions that are added in the CogStat issue tracker.