CogStat supports a series of hypothesis tests.

Available tests

Currently CogStat supports the following hypothesis tests (tests in parenthesis are included in several analysis):

Explore a variable:

  1. Shapiro-Wilk test
  2. One-sample t-test
    • with Bayesian one-sample t-test
  3. Wilcoxon signed-rank test

Explore relation of a variable pair:

  1. Pearson correlation hypothesis test
    • with Bayes Factor for Pearson correlation
  2. Spearman correlation hypothesis test
  3. Chi-squared test

Compare repeated measures variables:

  1. (Shapiro-Wilk test)
  2. paired t-test
    • with Bayesian paired t-test
  3. paired Wilcoxon test
  4. repeated measures ANOVA
  5. Mauchly’s sphericity test (assumption)
  6. Holm-Bonferroni corrected post-hoc tests
  7. Friedman test
  8. Durbin-Conover test
  9. McNemar’s test
  10. Cochran Q-test

Compare groups:

  1. (Shapiro-Wilk test)
  2. modified t-test
  3. Mann-Whitney test
  4. Levene’s test (assumption)
  5. two-samples t-test
    • with Bayesian two-samples t-test
  6. Welch’s t-test
  7. one-way ANOVA
  8. post hoc Tukey’s HSD tests
  9. Kruskal-Wallis test
  10. post hoc Dunn’s test
  11. Two-way ANOVA
  12. (Chi-squared test)