CogStat is designed to support statistics education:

  • Relying on automatic analyses, students will have much less user interaction compared with other statistical packages. See an example comparison of SPSS and CogStat here. Therefore, you save a lot of time in your classes: You don’t have to spend time explaining where to click and what to choose, but can focus on the statistical material.

  • The output is optimized in many ways to present relevant information, so students will understand the appropriate concepts more quickly, and you can concentrate on explaining the key concepts instead of explaining the unnecessary technical details.

  • CogStat can import data from many popular file formats, so you can use your data without additional preparations. Also, you can easily use the demo data of many tutorials or textbooks, and some of those data are already included in the CogStat package.
    • We tested various textbooks that were made with other software in mind, and we found that most part of them could be used easily with CogStat. Usually, it needs less time to teach the technical details of the software, and the only detail a teacher should pay attention to is to be clear where the specific analyses (e.g., two-sample t-test) are available (e.g., in the Analysis > Compare groups menu).
  • You may attend CogStat workshops that are dedicated to statistics teachers.